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EUROBULSTROY HOLDING has its own base for production of cold-bent profiles and long experience in the construction of industrial preparations, warehouses, telecommunication facilities of different character, etc. Own machinery, machinery, machinery and equipment help the company to offer even higher performance performance.

– Metal profiles
– Metal constructions
– Telecommunication facilities
– Outside stairs

– Shed
– Fences
– Greenhouses
– Pillars

– Benches
– Shelves
– Planes

The production base gives a great advantage to the company, thanks to which it can realize completely the project-related parts as well as the ability to make from the simplest metal products to a variety of cold-bent constructions. For finishing and finishing, the company also has sling workshop.

The company has completed many objects with profiles and elements made in its own production base. The core of our business is high quality and professionalism, continuous modernization and development in order to best serve our customers. The activity of the holding lies in the precise execution of the commitments undertaken. From the time of assignment to a particular site to the transmission of the same to the investor, our specialists monitor each stage of the project implementation.

EUROBULSTROY HOLDING owns its own equipment and machinery for carrying out its activities and is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001.

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Consultation with a specialist? Contacts