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We successfully develop our business more than 15 years

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EUROBULSTROY HOLDING has a highly qualified team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of design of industrial enterprises, sports buildings and facilities, telecommunication facilities of various nature (mobile and stationary base stations of GSM operators), refrigeration chambers, greenhouses and sheds, external fire stairs, And residential buildings family and single-family houses.

EUROBULSTROY HOLDING Prepare its own plan for organization and execution of the site, which includes: site characteristics; Duration of construction; Road and communications links; Construction and safety technology, fire protection hygiene and others. The company is well-known for its outstanding honesty and commitment, high quality end-product and variety of solutions. The company has participated in the construction of the bases of some of the most famous companies on the Bulgarian market.

The core of our business is high quality and professionalism, continuous modernization and development in order to best serve our customers. The activity of the holding lies in the precise execution of the commitments undertaken. From the time of assignment to a particular site to the transmission of the same to the investor, our specialists monitor each stage of the project implementation. There is a complete organization of the site by fencing, security, temporary construction, water supply, etc. Periodic meetings are organized between designers, builders, supervisors and representatives of the investor. A weekly report on the work done and preparation for the next stage is being prepared.

We work successfully in a team

Our company has experience both as a general contractor and as a subcontractor of relatively large sites, where strict adherence to a strict schedule is strictly necessary in order to perform the individual types of subcontracting work and the deadline for submission of the site. The priorities of “EUROBULSTROY” also set the right working atmosphere for its employees

We own machinery and equipment

“EUROBULSTROY HOLDING” has its own equipment and mechanization – a prerequisite for the strict observation of the construction schedule. Possession of own machines and equipment makes the company independent in relation to subcontractors and is a prerequisite for the transmission of its objects in time.

We specialize in low-rise construction

The industrial sites that are being built by the construction company are reliable, convenient, practical, tailored to the customer’s needs as soon as possible after completion of construction work. Industrial plants and warehouses manufactured, designed and built by us comply with all requirements and meet the regulatory requirements that make them reliable, extremely convenient and useful.

The company is certified by the Bulgarian Chamber of Builders as a recognition of the quality of the services offered „EUROBULSTORY HOLDING“ ISO 9001, ISO 1400: 2004 environmental management certificate and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 for health and safety at work. For his achievements in 2009, Our company was awarded the “Builder of the Year” award, and the CEO received recognition as “Person of the Year in the Construction Industry”.

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Consultation with a specialist? Contacts